Spa Etiquette and Policies

Spa Etiquette

Arrival Time: We encourage guests to arrive at the spa at least 5 minutes prior to their treatment, this allows you to change into our spa slippers and enjoy some healing Jamu tea.
Silence Your Devices: Keep your phone on silent or vibrate to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for everyone.

Facilities: We offer complimentary access to the facilities, including the showers, hot tub, sauna, pool, and jacuzzi. However, reservations must be made, please mention use of facilities when booking. Additionally, we provide towels, bathrobes and slippers.

Communication: We encourage you to communicate your needs throughout your treatment. Our therapists are highly trained and will continually adjust to your needs and comfort level. Please let your therapist know within 15 minutes of starting your treatment if you have any issues or concerns. Whether it be the pressure of your massage, temperature in the room, products used, music volume to ensure you have a truly satisfying experience at Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa.

Spa Policies

Reservation Policy

Cancellation Policy

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