Body Massage

Our signature treatments

  • Javanese “Deep & Firm” Massage (Patekan Jawadwipa)


    Duration: 55 minutes

    This signature Javanese Massage therapy is the best massage technique in Whistler. It draws the inspiration from the century-old massage tradition among the Javanese royalties, which has been the main treatment for maintaining their health and well-being. Expect an intense, medium to strong deep tissue massage on your whole body, in which the therapist uses only palm and thumb stroke to apply a unique blend of Indonesian essential oils that stimulates blood circulation and loosens muscle to reduce tension. The therapist is maintaining balanced pressure movement to perform harmonized mind, body and spirit in delivering the natural healing powers through the therapists hand in order to improve energy flow and enhance physical and mental well-being.

  • Balinese “Relaxation” Massage


    Duration: 55 minutes

    Balinese Massage is a semi-deep tissue massage using the combination of palm , thumb and finger strokes on the whole body. This massage promotes body relaxation by improving the blood circulation.

  • Sport Massage (Patekan Olahraga)


    Duration: 55 minutes

    This Massage is specifically designed for clients with specific purpose to recover from sore muscle after sport activity. Our sport massage is a combination of Swedish massage and stretching techniques, which focus on enhancing athletic performance and facilitating recover form sport -related activities.

Relaxing and Energizing massage

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